Feb 17, 2021

 SSC is a reputable organization under the Government of India that, through SSC CGL, SSC JE, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS and SSC CPO examinations, recruits eligible candidates to different government departments/ministries. Given the significance of these tests, through SSC Coaching, Pinnacle Institute provides candidates with the best course content, dedicated faculty and efficient study guide.

For tests like SSC CGL, SSC JE, SSC MTS, SSC CPO etc., Pinnacle offers coaching courses. In order to help applicants remain in training for potential SSC Tests, we have SSC Coaching. Pinnacle has SSC coaching in different fields, like, etc. Pinnacle is a leading brand name for Be with batch timings that meet the needs of any aspirant and a premium course material to scale different SSC exams.

Dec 31, 2020

SUPER TET Coaching Institute in Noida | Pinnacle Learning Destination

Introduction to Pinnacle Learning Destination –

Pinnacle Learning Destination is the best coaching institute in Noida providing training for all government competitive exams like CTET/ UPTET/ SUPER TET, Bank, SSC, Railway, Police, NDA, UPSC etc. We have a team of extremely qualified and experienced faculty which give the detailed coverage of all the subjects.

What is Super TET Exam?


Super TET Exam is basically for the candidates who want to make their career in teaching profession. 

Super Teacher Eligibility Test referred to as Super TET, the exam is conducted by Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board (UPBEB) to hire deserving and eligible candidates for the teaching profession at primary and secondary stage in government schools. 

Pinnacle Learning Destination is the leading Super TET Coaching in Noida prepare their students consistent with the newest exam pattern through live lectures and mock tests by the expert faculties.

Levels of Super TET Exam -

There are Two Levels in Super TET Exam: -

Primary level 

Upper / Post-primary level.

Exam Pattern – 

There are many peoples applying for the exam but they’re unaware of the exam pattern, below is the list of the subjects and respective maximum marks.


Maximum marks

Language – Hindi, English, Sanskrit






Environment and Social Study


Teaching Methodology


Child Psychologist


General Knowledge / Current Affairs


Logical Knowledge


Information Technology


Life Skill / Management and Aptitude



150 marks

Eligibility Criteria -  

Senior Secondary with a minimum of 50% marks and Passed 2- year Diploma in education OR

Senior Secondary with a minimum of 50% marks and 4- year Bachelor of education (B.El.Ed). OR

Senior Secondary with a minimum of 50% marks and passed within the final year of 2- year Diploma in Education (Special Education) * OR

Graduation and passed a two-year Diploma in Education OR

Graduation and B.Ed. passed Candidates.

Check Pinnacle Learning Destination official website www.pinnacleinstitute.in for more information about the courses and online registration.

Nov 7, 2020

UPTET coaching institute | Pinnacle Learning Destination

 Pinnacle Learning Destination is a premier UPTET coaching institute that provides excellent training to aspiring school teachers with  a commitment of  moulding students to meet the state and the country’s set benchmarks for generating quality educators, our coaching provided here adheres to the highest standards. Being among the best Institutes for Competitive exam coaching in Noida joining Pinnacle Learning Destination is a sure shot way to boost your prospects in UP Teacher Eligibility Test. With faculty who are experts in various fields, each student gets a chance to experience the best ever coaching for these Exams.

Hence, if you are searching for Exam preparation institute in Noida, you need not look any further as you have contacted one of the finest institutes in Noida. Pinnacle Institute is best option for UPTET  Coaching in noida.

UP-TET is a state-level test, conducted by UPBEB (Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board) for the recruitment of Primary and Upper Primary Level teachers in various schools of Uttar Pradesh by UPBEB.

UPTET has two sets of applicants – Applicants for Primary Teachers (Class 1 to 5) and Applicants for Upper Primary Teachers (Class 6 to 8). The eligibility criteria for both sets of applicants are different with each other.

UPTET Qualification of Primary Teachers (1 to 5 Class)

1. Bachelor’s degree with minimum 50% marks from recognized university & 2 years Diploma (D.Ed) from N.C.T.E/ Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). OR

2. Bachelor’s degree & 2 years B.T.C., C.T. (Nursery)/ Nursery Teacher Training (NTT) OR

3. Bachelor’s degree & qualification in  Special B.T.C. Training OR

4. Bachelor’s degree with 2 years & BCT Urdu special training in Uttar Pradesh OR

5. Bachelor’s degree and Diploma in Teaching from Aligarh Muslim University (For Urdu Teacher) or Moallim-E-Urdu Degree before 11-08-1997

Oct 23, 2020

CTET Exam Preparation Tips


No planning guide is finished without planning tips. Here are a couple of tips that could truly help in the readiness of your CTET test: Ever since lockdown has been forced, it is a brilliant possibility for the understudies to support up their CTET 2020 arrangement. The lockdown is really acting like a surprisingly beneficial development as the understudies possess got additional energy for readiness. I would recommend you give the limit of your time in amending the ideas and parts you have done previously and during your CTET planning. You can't pro any test if the establishment of your learning is frail. Subsequently, this is a decent an ideal opportunity to deal with each one of those parts you question. It is a smart thought to reinforce your frail ideas with the goal that they don't turn into an obstacle in your manner to achievement in CTET test. Mock tests are a decent method to test your training. Just contemplating and robbing parcels won't help. subsequently, it is significant that you test your CTET arrangements. The most ideal method of doing that is by taking up mock tests. Mock tests help the understudy in assessing where he stands and what is his degree of CTET 2020 arrangement. Working with Previous Year CTET Question Papers is the most supportive guidance that an understudy can get from anybody. Earlier year papers help you in getting a knowledge into what could be asked in the genuine test. It contrasts your CTET 2020 planning and the test level and gives the outcome on that premise. CTET Exam is probably the most ideal approaches to discover capable splendid personalities who can direct the people in the future of our nation in their separate scholarly fields. CTET 2020 test may be postponed yet whenever looked from the splendid side is a shelter. CTET 2020 test hopefuls possess more energy for arrangements. Group apex wishes all the CTET 2020 competitors, "ALL THE BEST". For more substance and data identified with the CTET test, you can experience the accompanying online journals. for more details visit https://www.pinnacleinstitute.in/ctet.php

Aug 31, 2020



Set a Goal and Time Table: 

Build your Research Schedule Weekly and Regular Timetable. You should focus on what you intend to do in 90 days and don't think about the whole syllabus

Use Time Management Techniques:

You will work more on your target with the aid of the time management strategies. Divide the energy into spaces that last 30 minutes. Your preparation period would be 25 minutes, and your mandatory rest time 5 minutes. Take 30 minutes' break from your analysis after 4 30 minute periods, then resume again.

Keep Taking Mock Test Papers: 

Be daily and proceed to take Mock test papers to test your abilities and pace. This would no longer benefit you to simply know from the books. To test the pace and precision of your plans, pick a time slot everyday and perform Online Mock Review.

Concentrate On you General Knowledge and English: 

Sections of general knowledge and English are less time-consuming and ranking. And never forget GK or French. Also, don't leave any of those last minute planning bits.

Stay Inspired and Stay Connected: 

To keep you motivated, take inspiration from motivational books and success stories. Call those who are getting ready for IBPS PO and discuss your questions with them.

Don’t be a bookworm:

In addition to exam planning, indulge in some other stuff and take a break from your studies. Studying round the clock didn't work for anybody.

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Aug 22, 2020


The secret to performance for every successful test is Time Management. Students continue to fret about the period they have at hand to study for the exam in bank PO tests. The scope of the to plan syllabus is daunting. With the amount of candidates appearing for Bank PO exams per year growing, it has become one of India's most successful tests.

Here are the few tips for your assured success in IBPS Bank PO exams:

1. Plan in advance : Both the dates of the test are declared keeping in mind the period needed for the arrangements, in terms of syllabus and in reality. A student has to prepare the schedule proactively and address all facets of the syllabus on time. 

2.Acquaint yourself with syllabus and pattern : Knowing the correct syllabus is necessary but it's equally crucial to grasp the exam sequence. When a student learns the whole syllabus, he / she should be able to arrange the topics and subjects appropriately. Students are able to track common query trends when reading through last few years' question papers. Analyzing the trend can help a learner plan for common topics beforehand.

3.Outline a study plan :You are the own predictor of abilities and weaknesses. Write out a research schedule for yourself when having them in mind, and execute it strictly to ensure optimum preparedness. Strictly pursue this to offer your best shot and growing the chances of qualifying specific bank tests. It's properly said-better than sorry.

4. Combine hard work with smart tricks :  If you pair up with the diligent work with insightful work, you get two moves closer to the success. You'll get to with personal commitment, daily practice, and studying smart tips and tricks. With cut-throat rivalry in Bank Po examinations, keeping the clever tricks and workaround tactics up the sleeves is almost inevitable.

5. Practice makes a man perfect :  Let's face it-as a perfectionist, there's nothing that we should surely strive to be nearly flawless. Stop running! You may have your principles simple and your strategies on board, so being able to practice would easily refine your responses abilities and handle your time skillfully through the test.


Dec 18, 2019

Apptitude Mathmatice Topic Average:for SSC Bank

1-If the average score of 42 boys of a school is 137 while the average score of 98 girls is 124 of the same class. Find the combined average of the class?
एक स्कूल में 42 लड़कों का औसत स्कोर 137 है जबकि 98 लड़कियों का औसत स्कोर 124 है। क्लास का मिलाकर औसत ज्ञात करो।
D) 120.02


CTET Coaching In Noida

2-The average scores of X, Y and Z are 83, 76, 85 respectively while the ratio of number of girl students is 27, 36 and 45. Find out the total average of all classes?
क्लास X, Y और Z का औसत स्कोर 87, 76, 85 है। और छात्रों की संख्या का अनुपात तीनों क्लास में क्रमशः 27, 36 व 45 है। तीनो क्लास का मिलाकर औसत कितना है।

3-The average marks of the class X, Y, and Z is calculated. The average score of class X, Y and Z are 83, 76 and 85. The average score of class X and Y is 79 while the average score of Y and Z is81. Find the average score of all the three classes?
X, Y, और Z का औसत स्कोर 83, 76, 85 है। X और Y का औसत स्कोर 79 जबकि Y और Z का औसत स्कोर 81 है। तीनों क्लास मिलाकर औसत स्कोर ज्ञात करो।

4-The average of 9 observations is 87. If the average of first five observations is 79 and the average of next three is 92. Find the 9th observation?
9 चीजों का औसत 87 है । पहली 5 चीजों का औसत 79 है और अगली तीन चीजों का औसत 92 है। 9वीं चीज का मान ज्ञात करो।

5-The average of 7 data is 34 and the average of first three data is 28 and the average of next two data is 47. Find the average of last two data?
7 संख्याओं का औसत 34 है। पहली तीन का औसत 28 है और अगली दो संख्याओं का औसत 47 है। अन्तिम दो का औसत ज्ञात करो।

6-The average age of 30 students of a class is 14 years 4 months due to admission of 5 new students the average becomes 13 years 9 months, while the age of the younger one in new 5 students is 9 years 11 months. Find the average of remaining four new students?
एक क्लास के 30 छात्रों की औसत आयु 14 वर्ष 4 महीने है। 5 नए छात्रों के आने से औसत 13 वर्ष 9 महीने हो जाती है। इन 5 नए छात्रों में सबसे छोटे की आयु 9 वर्ष 11 महीने है। बाकी के 4 छात्रों की औसत आयु ज्ञात करो।

7-The average of 9 data is 79. The average of first 2 data is 75. If the average of next four data is 87. If the 8th data is 5 more than 7th data and one more than 9th data. Calculate 9th observation?
9 संख्याओं का अनुपात 79 है। पहली दो संख्याओं का औसत 75 व अगली 4 संख्याओं का औसत 87 है। यदि 8वी संख्या 7वीं से 5 ज्यादा हो और 9वीं से 1 ज्यादा हो तो 9वीं संख्या ज्ञात करो।

8-The average of 8 numbers 20. The average of first two numbers is 15.5 and the average of next three numbers is 21_3^1 . If the 6th number is 4 and 7 less by the 7th & 8th number. Find the 8th number?
8 संख्याओं का औसत 20 है। पहली दो संख्याओं का औसत 15.5 व अगली तीन का औसत 21_3^1 है। अगर 6वीं संख्या 7वीं संख्या व 8वीं संख्या से क्रमशः 4 और 7 कम है तो 8वीं संख्या ज्ञात करो।

9- 9 girls and 1 boy go to a restaurant for lunch. If each girl spent Rs. 30 and boy spent Rs. 72000 more than the average of expenditure of all. Find the amount spent by the boy?
9 लड़कियों और 1 लड़का लंच के लिए किसी होटल में गए। अगर प्रत्येक लड़की 30 रू. औऱ लड़्के ने सबके औसत से 72000 रु. ज्यादा खर्च किए हो तो लड़के ने कुल कितने रु. खर्च किए।

10-Five years ago the average age of Husband and wife was 23 years. Today the average age of Husband, wife and child is 20years. How old is the child?
5 वर्ष पहले पति और पत्नी की औसत आयु 23 वर्ष थी। वर्तमान में पति, पत्नी व बच्चे की औसत आयु 20 वर्ष है। बच्चे की आयु ज्ञात करो।

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 SSC is a reputable organization under the Government of India that, through SSC CGL, SSC JE, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS and SSC CPO examinations, r...